CIO Washington D.C. Summit | May 19, 2020 | Washington, DC, USA


Internet 3.0 - Adapting to the New

Think Tank - 4:35 pm - 5:00 pm

Internet 1.0 servers and endpoints were static. Internet 2.0 servers were static and endpoints were mobile. In the Internet 3.0 world, servers utilizing cloud, containers and "server-less" apps and endpoints (mobile devices, tablets, IoT, etc.) are highly mobile. The traditional perimeter-based security architecture used in various sectors (.edu, .gov, .com, .org, etc.) has basically failed to protect internal assets. New technologies such as IoT and mobile devices will force a new approach to network security architecture. Zero-trust networks (ZTNs) assume that the network is hostile, attackers are already inside the net, and segmentation is not sufficient for determining trust among other characteristics. 


  • Looking at the future of Internet 3.0 
  • Learning more about ZTN properties 
  • Integrating ZTN architecture with existing cybersecurity defense strategies

Presented by:

Randy Marchany, CISO, Virginia Tech University View details