CIO Washington D.C. Summit | May 19, 2020 | Washington, DC, USA


Operation Cyber Wellness - The Wholistic Approach to Security & Beyond?

Keynote Presentation - 9:20 am - 10:00 am

Change is inevitable, and one is desperately needed in the complex world of Cyber and the CISO's role in an organization. By exploring a ?whole-istic? Integrative Medicine approach to Cyber, organizations can benefit from looking at Cyber with a new change in perspective vs the same old techniques. A Whole360 approach to Cyber entails diving into the ?mind-body-energy? connections as they pertain to the business and Cyber worlds. The Science of Diversity, Implicit Bias, Women in Cyber, and the Psychology behind the Security all fit together as pieces of the puzzle that need to be brought to light and explored.


  1. The Holistic Integrative Medicine (H.I.M) Approach to Cyber 
  2. Exploring the Science of Diversity & Implicit Bias in Cyber 
  3. The art of women in the Cyber Workforce 
  4. Exploring how Pieces of the puzzle all fit together (Diversity, Women, Psychology, Cybersecurity, Healthcare)

Presented by:

Jothi Dugar, Chief Information Security Officer, National Institute of Health View details