CIO Washington D.C. Summit | May 19, 2020 | Washington, DC, USA


IPv6 & the Future of Cybersecurity in the Era of IoT & Blockchain

Think Tank - 3:35 pm - 4:00 pm

In the era of Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain, it is a daily nightmare encountered by organizations from both public and private sectors, big and small, struggling to react to the aftermath of the constant cybersecurity breaches and ransomware attacks. The situation can only get worse every year if we do not change our strategy dramatically to efficiently secure and effectively defend the global network infrastructure against all enemies in this new cyberwarfare. However, we may still have a fighting chance to win this cyberwar only if we stop using IPv4 and adopt the strategy of supporting only one single stack of IPv6 for the internet. This session will provide the reasons why.


  1. Learn more about how IoT and similar emerging technologies using the internet depend on the successful global adoption and secure deployment of IPv6
  2. Discuss how adopting IPv6-only policy will dramatically reduce the cyber security threats and attacks
  3. Learn more about how the global deployment of a single stack of IPv6 will immediately reduce more than 50% cyber attacks
  4. Share insights and experiences on how this move is a matter of leadership, vision, and competitive edge in a global environment

Presented by:

Charles Sun, IPv6 Expert, Government Executive