CIO Washington D.C. Summit | May 19, 2020 | Washington, DC, USA


The Future of Work

Thought Leadership - 2:55 pm - 3:20 pm

The way we work has changed.  Many of us no longer work in factories, we do not work 9-5 jobs.  Our legacy phone systems and contact center solutions are not meeting the challenges for the future of work.  We have a mobile workforce, our clients are highly digital and also mobile.  There is no tolerance for gaps in communication, no tolerance for downtime, no excuse for missing that tweet and catching that sentiment.  RingCentral Unified Communication As A Service and Contact Center as a Service are removing friction and enabling the ?flow? in your teams.  It is not about replacing the traditional phone system with one in the cloud but rather removing risks of outages and using machine learning and AI to sidekick your teams to improve training, communication and get to the right answers that serve our clients and customers. 

Naveed Husain, VP of the Office of the CIO takes you on a journey on how RingCentral will remove these barriers.

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